Islamic school

Norbury Manor High School, Kensington Avenue, Thornton Heath, CR7 8BT

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Verse of the day

" "On that day, if the penalty is averted from any, it is due to Allah´s Mercy; And that would be a Mighty Triumph. 6:16 "

Hadith of the day

Walimah is only in five occasions: in the Urs, Khurs, Idhar, Wikar and the Rikaz Urs is when a person gets married; and Khurs is when a child is born; and Idhar is on the circumcision of a baby boy; and Wikar is when a person purchases a house; and Rikaz is when a person returns from Hajj.
Biharul Anwar, Volume 96, Page 384 Prophet Muhammad (saw)