Juniors Revision Quran & Arabic

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Below are the Junior section revision papers for the upcoming end of term tests.

Junior Boys 1

Arabic - learn to write the following Arabic  هذا - ذلک - آنا - نحن -آنت - سلام - مرحبا - بسم الله- رحمان -رحیم - کیف حالک-


Junior Boys 2




Junior Boys 3


Quran - Test on fluency of recitation and to complete tajweed sheets handed out


Junior Girls 1


Quran1.  Memorisation of Surah Asr

2.  Written test on meaning if s.Asr
3.  Sabak


Junior Girls 2




Junior Girls 3


Quran - 1. Memorise surah al fatiha

2. Memorise meanings of Surah al Fatiha as done in class

3. Assessment of Sabak recitation

Verse of the day

" (The Pagans), leaving Him, call but upon female deities: They call but upon Satan the persistent rebel! 4:117 "

Hadith of the day

There are three signs of a knowledgeable person: knowledge, forbearance and silence.
Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, vol. 2, p. 59. Imam Ali (as)
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