JuniorsOur Juniors section is from the ages of 9 to 11.

The head of the Juniors section is Sister Taslim Walji

Juniors Revision Module 3 & 4

Owl Clip Art 35

Below are the Junior section revision papers for the upcoming end of module tests.

Verse of the day

" They (also) said: "Allah took our promise not to believe in a messenger unless he showed us a sacrifice consumed by Fire (from heaven)." Say: "There came to you messengers before me, with clear Signs and even with what ye ask for: why then did ye slay them, if ye speak the truth?" 3:183 "

Hadith of the day

There is no knowledge and science like pondering and thought; and there is no prosperity and advancement like knowledge and science.
Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, vol. 1, p. 179 Imam Ali (as)
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